Programme 28 November – 2 December 2022

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The BSRT Symposium offers keynote lectures by renowned experts from around the world who provide an overview on their particular area of expertise. This is followed by two short presentations given by junior researchers.

Merging Eecosystems: the road to sustainability in regenerative medicine

“There is no Planet B!’, ‘Act Now!” is written on the banners of the Friday for Future movement. Young people all over the world demonstrate and raise awareness of the tremendous effects that humans have on the environment. To preserve the world as we know it, people, experts and governments have to join forces and work in an interdisciplinary manner – towards regeneration –.

Accordingly, life scientists, engineers, clinicians and computer scientists collaborate to tackle current challenges in regenerative medicine such as restoring diseased and injured tissues, using alternative materials and implementing eco-friendlier solutions in their work environments. Regenerative medicine is indeed aiming to pave the way towards more sustainable approaches.

We, as young researchers, cordially invite you to join our 13th BSRT symposium, with this year’s theme being ‘Merging ecosystems: the road to sustainability in regenerative medicine’. In keeping with that spirit, we decided to host it online and draw attention to the analogy between the endangered ecosystems and translational research.

Join us on our expedition through the jungles, deserts and oceans of our planet to discover the newest developments of the field, with keynote speakers from around the world. Present your own research ideas and discoveries in a poster or talk in one of our sessions:

Immunology (One ocean to link them all)
Biomaterials (Less soil pollution, more biomaterials solution)
Molecular Biology (In the middle of the desert)
Organoids and Organs-on-a-Chip (Expedition to the jungle of disease and development)
Computational biology (Forecasting the climate change)
Clinical research (How volcano eruption-like clinical breakthroughs change the system)

So join us on our journey through the ecosystems of interdisciplinary and translations research in Regenerative Medicine!

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