Contact – Symposium Committee 2021

Stefania Martini
I am Stefania, a former lab technician and biotechnologist, committed to create reproducible organ-on-a-chip platforms to study the use of ATMPs for clinical applications.
Lena Peter
My name is Lena, I am a biotechnologist with a strong interest in developing next generation T cell products for their therapeutic use.
Daniela Bastos Dias
My name is Daniela, I am a biomedical engineer and in my project I study the bone regeneration process when in presence of diabetic conditions.
Mina Sohrabi-Zadeh

I am Mina, a biomedical engineer currently studying the role of cellular senescence on mechano-sensation and ECM formation.
Lilas Batool
My name is Lilas, I am a biotechnologist. In my project I have a keen interest to reveal the molecular naunces of TRPC6 in FSGS disease in an in vitro podocyte model.
Sarah Schulenberg
I am Sarah, a molecular biologist with a strong interest in regenerative therapies in oncology. Currently, I am investigating a chemokine system in T cells to improve immunotherapies in solid cancers.
Mahdi Jaber
I am Mahdi, a mechanical engineering graduate currently focusing on the computational mechanobiology of bone healing.
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