The Regenerative Games of Tissue Regeneration

How different disciplines come together to boost the golden regeneration

Sports Games have been a symbol of unity for over a century, bringing people together through their shared passion for sports. This year marks the inaugural edition of The Regenerative Games of Tissue Regeneration, which seeks to unite individuals in their pursuit of discovering the keys to regenerative medicine.

The athletes, or should we call them speakers, will enlighten the audience with their expertise in various disciplines related to tissue regeneration. From basic research to translational approaches, these speakers will tackle the challenges facing regenerative medicine with a focus on improving tissue regeneration.

We, a group of young researchers, invite you to join us for the 14th BSRT symposium in Berlin. Themed The Regenerative Games of Regeneration, we encourage you to participate in our symposium and compete in the different disciplines. Present your research ideas and discoveries through a poster or a talk during one of our sessions:

The flick flack of immunology on the balance beam
The hurdling of stem cell therapy
 Predicting the healing
 The medley swimming of single cells
 Surfing the waves of biomaterials
 Watch out for the perfect tide
● Studying the mechanics of movement
● Lifting the barbell of cellular needs with strength and flexibility

Join us in our pursuit of excellence and bring home the gold!

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